Organizations I belong to:

Surface Design Association, an international organization of primarily textile media artists, who are focused on creative processes to explore the structure, pattern, and color of fabric and fabric, including various dyeing, printing, image transfer, and stitching techniques.  Based in the US with local chapters in every state and province in North America.

Craft Council of British Columbia, a non profit “social enterprise” organization for craftspeople in the province of British Columbia, focused on disseminating information and developing advocacy, promotional, educational and marketing initiatives on behalf of its members and audience, with the larger goals of promoting the development, viability and appreciation of Canadian fine craft.

Textile Society of America, an organization dedicated to the study and love of textiles, from all time periods and places, with a membership made up of educators, artists, collectors, and other aficionados. The TSA holds a conference every other year, where a wide variety of speakers, tours, exhibits, and videos are presented.

Artists and Artisans of Granville Island, represents all the artists and craftspeople who have their studios on Granville Island, in Vancouver BC.


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